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  • Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov from Moldova on piano is the final performer for tonight.

  • Martin Kot from the Czech Republic on accordian is the penultimate performer for tonight.

  • Again, it seems like a good performance but I’m still having problems with Octoshape not giving me a decent feed.

  • Albin Uusijarvi from Sweden on violin is the 5th performer for tonight.

  • It seemed like a good performance, for what littler I could hear.

  • Judith Stapf from Germany on the violin is the first performer back after the break.


    And my tablet has just crashed and is rebooting, and when I tried to load the show on the laptip, the Octocrap plugin wasn’t working and I had to relaod again. So I missed the start of Judith’s performance.

  • Now we’re on a 10 minute break.

  • A good performance, and he sounds like a nylon stringed guitar.

  • Vassilis Digos from Greece on guitar is 3rd up tonight. I also like guitar music.

  • A good performance from Andre and, as I said, I like cello music.

  • Andre Gunko from Portugal on cello is up 2nd tonight. I like to listen to cello.

  • It seems like a good performance but I’m not really a fan of acordian music.

  • Bartosz Kolsut from Poland on the accordian is the 1st act tonight.

  • Not long now until the second pre-show starts.

  • Lucie Horsch from the Netherlands is the final performer on the English flute (also known as the transverse flute or the recorder), or rather, a selection of English flutes. She plays all of the instruments well and I particularly like the sound of the tenor and bass flutes. She is clearly showing that the “most dreaded” of instruments can produce…[Read more]

  • Ziyu He from Austria is the penultimate performer and we’re back to violin. Another good performance.

  • Urban Stanic is the fifth performer on piano. Another good performance and, we were told, he is also a national champion at chess. Not my favourite performance, but that’s because none of the pieces really grabbed my attendtion.

  • We’re back now for the second half of the first pre-show with Gergely Devich from Hungary on the Cello. Another good performance and he has the advantage of the moody sounds that a well played cello has. And I really liked the last piece that he played.

  • Kurt Aquilina from Malta was third up, just before th break, on guitar. It was a good performance and I did like the blues section, which sounded a lot harder than I would have expected from a nylon stringed guitar. He is my favourite so far, but that’s probably just the guitarist in me talking.

  • Sara Domjanic from Croatia was second up, also on violin. I likedher performance better than Sonoko’s but I think that was because I like the choice of pieces played better.

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